About Us

Message from our Chairman, Cyrus K. Mirsaidi 

Winston Churchill wrote, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Our vision for BioSelective, though respectful of Mr. Churchill’s warning, is to repeat all the good things we’ve learned through our experiences and investments, and continually accentuate those positives.

For us, that means focus in the fields where we have deep knowledge and a competitive edge, namely biopharma and diagnostics. Further, it means a deep and genuine regard for teams that make up our portfolio companies. There’s another saying that ‘fish stinks from the head’. We apply this to our investments in companies, with investments in her people (especially the CEO), first and foremost.

Finally, we only invest in projects, and with partners, where we are valued as an ‘operating’ partner, with a seat at the table, ready to roll up our sleeves to create value for our investments and investors.


We are focused on value creation for ourselves and our partners:

Our investments have a track record for delivering sustainable revenue growth and maximized profits with careful attention to cost containment for Fortune 100 as well as young start-up companies.

We’ve motivated and led culturally diverse teams, and established well-defined/measurable goals to build interdisciplinary consensus to energize sales teams to meet critical milestones and revenue targets.

We have extensive and specific business development expertise interacting with major pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, domestic and international distribution partners, with engagements, assessments, diligence and structured deals from small academic groups to large commercial organizations.

We are Selective in our investments and focused on Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical sectors.

We are BioSelective


Point-of-care (surgical suite) diagnostics for intraoperative applications (flagship test for diagnosis and treatment of hyperparathyroidism). Founded as NexGen Biotech in 1998 acquired by Future Diagnostics in 2001.
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Translational Oncology platform for near-patient efficacy assessment. Founding and investment in 2010. Grew to 3rd largest in sector. Services sold to CrownBio (2015). Acquired by BioDuro in 2018.
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Contract Research and Manufacturing, with 2,200 employees, in 10 facilities globally. Investment in 2015. Acquired by Advent International in 2019. Reinvested in all subsequent rounds.
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Automated manufacturing for CAR-T cell therapies. Founded in 2021. Seed round investment in 2022.
Pharmacogenomics molecular diagnostics for depression and anxiety. Investments in Series A (2009) and all subsequent rounds. Sold to Castle Biosciences (CSTL) in 2022.
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Investment in 2014. Sold to Bioduro (2015).
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Proprietary CAR-T platform augmented with ‘best in class’ small molecule therapeutics. Founding and investment in 2018. Invested in all subsequent rounds.
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‘First in class’ biologics for treatment of cancer. Invested in seed round and Series A.
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Key Project under development:

BioSelective incubator


Engaged as Industry Advisor. Evaluate new deals and provide support during diligence. Option to co-invest.

Engaged as Investment Advisory Partner. Evaluate new deals for investment potential and operational role as ‘operating partner’ with option to co-invest.


Cyrus is chair and managing partner of Utah-based risk-capital biotech investment company, BioSelective Capital Investments and Director and co-founder at clinical stage biopharmaceutical development company BioArdis, and Bio4t2. He joined Bridgewest Ventures NZ as an Investment Advisor in April 2021, bringing his extensive experience nurturing high-growth biotech companies to the New Zealand start-up scene. His appointment comes alongside further direct investment through BioSelective Capital Investments to accelerate BioOra’s development.

Bridgewest Ventures Investment Advisory Partner, Cyrus K.Mirsaidi joins as Director to the board of BioOra....

Cyrus is chair and managing partner of Utah-based risk-capital biotech investment company, BioSelective Capital Investments and Director and co-founder at clinical stage…

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